Driveway Pavers | Stone Patios

When considering the commitment that comes with a new driveway or patio, weighing every factor from initial cost to long-term care can seem overwhelming.

Thankfully, the dedicated landscapers at KV Landscapes have the knowledge and expertise to bring you the ideal hardscape design without emptying your wallet. Whether you want the functionality and curb appeal of a strong, long-lasting driveway or the aesthetics of an elegantly patterned backyard patio for entertaining, KV Landscapes will get the job done right.

Our top-notch driveway paver installation services combined with our years of experience in landscape design assures that your hardscape structure will last for years to come.

For those who worry about the performance of driveway and patio pavers, know that they outdo traditional poured concrete and asphalt in many different ways. The mosaic arrangement of the paver materials doesn’t just look good in contrast to a solid mass of concrete or asphalt, but it also helps better support weight distribution — which means your property suffers less wear-and-tear over the years. Additionally, because the pavers have room to breathe, they respond better to temperature variation and seasonal change.

When installed properly, driveway and patio pavers give you maximum functionality without compromising any control over the design. Our expert team will make sure you get the most out of your new driveway or patio, and our wide range of paver styles and design arrangements will give you everything you need to build the property of your dreams.

For more information about driveway and patio pavers from KV Landscapes or to receive a free landscaping consultation, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.340.2463.

KVL helped me figure out what kind of plants I need for my yard and worked with me to find a price within my budget. It finally feels like “my yard.”
– Janice