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  • Best Flowers To Plant In Spring

    As the snow melts in Michigan and May rain showers prepare the earth for June flowers — it’s time to start thinking about planting. Flowers add a beautiful touch to your landscape, as well as providing many benefits to your yard’s ecosystem. This year, when......

  • Money Saving Landscaping Tips

    With the summer months approaching, everyone wants to spruce up their property with new flowers and plants. Landscaping often involves choosing plants, planning new designs, eliminating weeds and pests and keeping your yard looking great all summer. Learn how to stretch your landscaping dollar and.....

  • Reasons To Mow Your Lawn

    During the spring and summer, lawns grows rapidly, making yard work part of your weekly routine for several months.  Throughout the week, your manicured lawn soars to new heights, leaving your yard looking unmaintained. Aside from looking aesthetically pleasing, there are other reasons to mow......

  • The Best Way to Fertilize Your Lawn

    Michigan residents know that after each long winter, transforming your lawn from dull and lifeless to green and healthy requires time, know-how and patience. Fertilizer remains the most essential component of a bright, thriving lawn and landscape. To ensure that your lawn looks great, you......

  • What’s That In My Garden?

    This summer, critters have been busy making their way into your garden. From squirrels to birds to bees –– animals are on the prowl for food, water and shelter during the sweltering heat and stormy nights. Attracting certain animals and insects is just as important......

  • When to Water Your Lawn and Plants

    Watering your lawn and plants may seem like a simple task, but there are some rules and guidelines that must be followed in order to maintain a healthy landscape. Many people kill flowers, plants and grass in their yard every year simply because they do......


Thanks so much for your excellent service for our yard. Your team was a pleasure to work with, they showed up on time and worked fast, and our new patio looks great!!
– Scott and Tammy