May 16 2019

Best Flowers To Plant In Spring

As the snow melts in Michigan and May rain showers prepare the earth for June flowers — it’s time to start thinking about planting.

Flowers add a beautiful touch to your landscape, as well as providing many benefits to your yard’s ecosystem. This year, when looking to buy flowers for your home or business, learn more about what each plant is going to bring to your landscape before planting.

Pollination: Wild lilacs, borage and hostas are the best flower species to plant when looking to entice pollinators like bees to your garden. These flowers provide a snack to honey bees looking to rest in your yard, while also providing flat surfaces for bees to rest while out collecting pollen. Providing a constant source of food for bees and other pollinators means a gorgeous and healthy yard all summer, guaranteed.

Easiest upkeep: When looking for a low maintenance yard – coneflowers, day lilies and cosmos are some of the simplest flowers to care for. These flowers can survive drought, flooding and sunny days with no problem. They require little maintenance and  grow and flourish in your garden for years to come.

Longest lasting: When spending money on landscaping and flower planting, make sure that your plants are going to last and remain beautiful for the season. The longest lasting flowers to plant in your garden include catmint, geranium and bleeding heart ‘luxuriant’. These flowers bloom early in the season and last throughout the entirety of spring and summer, some even into mid-autumn.

Most colorful: Planting flowers adds beauty to your landscape, so why settle for anything less than the most colorful? China pink tulips, dahlia and lantanas are among the brightest growing flowers. All bring vibrant contrast to your landscape with sparkling neon shades of orange, pink and red.

Flowers add a beautiful element to your yard, especially when they flourish and grow exponentially. Purchase the right flowers for your yard, look at the benefits of each and decide which works best for your landscape.

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