Caledonia Snow Plowing

Fulfilling the obligations of our day-to-day lives proves difficult enough when everything goes perfectly — so when snow plowing responsibilities add up to take away valuable time and add undue stress or danger to our routines, the situation becomes even more frustrating.

Whether for your home or business, KV Landscapes comes prepared to help you deal with the harsh winter months when many landscaping companies have already called it quits for the season.

Commercial Snow and Ice Removal

Heavy snow buildup causes major problems for business owners, and the time and labor required to deal with that build-up can distract from business obligations.

When your parking lot is covered in snow and major walkways to your business become impossible to get through, customers are less likely to do business with you. Worse yet, slips and falls on your business property lead to lost business and diminished trust in the long term — and even lawsuits if the injuries prove bad enough.

That’s why our snow removal experts come equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and the knowledge required to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We will leave your business property safe and accessible at any time and under any conditions — so your dedication doesn’t get overshadowed by elements out of your control.

Residential Snowplowing

Keeping your property free of snow and ice makes all the difference when it comes to staying safe, getting to work on time and doing your part to contribute to your neighborhood.

Our dedicated team makes sure that you don’t have to set your alarm even earlier than you already need to when the snow piles up — with the ability to set your own snow plowing schedule, KV Landscapes takes care of your property at your convenience.

Many neighborhoods also have strict policies about maintaining your lawn and sidewalks during the winter months, so let us save you both time and money when it comes to avoiding fines and penalties from any homeowners’ associations or neighborhood organizations.

For more information about the snow plowing services from KV Landscapes or to receive a free landscaping consultation, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.340.2463.

I’m so happy to have the chance to talk these people up. KVL brought my lawn back from the dead and now it looks amazing. I’m very excited to work with them in the future.
– Nancy