Jul 16 2019

Reasons To Mow Your Lawn

During the spring and summer, lawns grows rapidly, making yard work part of your weekly routine for several months. 

Throughout the week, your manicured lawn soars to new heights, leaving your yard looking unmaintained. Aside from looking aesthetically pleasing, there are other reasons to mow your lawn regularly.

The benefits of mowing your lawn include:

  • Equal opportunity growth: Having your grass mowed to the exact same height in all areas of your yard allows for all sections of grass to equally receive sun, rain and fertilizer. As grass grows, it becomes higher in some areas, while remaining lower in others depending on the shade it has and the animals within its terrain. By keeping up with lawn care, you’re guaranteeing that all sections receive equal opportunity to the elements needed to remain healthy and fruitful.
  • Keep pests away: Pests like bugs and rodents love when grass is long due to the shelter it provides to create nests and hideaways to grow and breed. When grass is mowed down to a shorter length, pests no longer have the area to inhabit. By maintaining a continuously well-kept yard, you limit the amount of bugs looking to wreak havoc in your space.
  • Keep weeds at bay: Cut down on the amount of weeds that pop up sporadically throughout your grass by routinely mowing your lawn. Lawn that is cut, tends to be denser, due to the shorter nature of each blade of grass. It is because of this that infectious seeds aren’t able to reach the soil to germinate, while also shading the ground enough that weeds don’t have enough sunlight to grow.

A yard requires weekly maintenance to ensure that it is well preserved and healthy. Hire professionals to mow your lawn to ensure your grass receives the best care possible.

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